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History of Start up Eva

Starting as a manufacturer of missy products to address the need of every women wants hygienic sanitation. We evolved as a result of continuous problems faced in school & colleges, towards menstrual hygiene. In adequate sanitation in public restrooms and improper disposal of hygiene products which leads to infection. As a beginner, passed out of a business school, having plan to contribute to the setter environment and women lifestyle.

Introduction about Eva

Our success is based on the quality of the products we represent, commitment to excellence in customer service and support, focus on innovation and passion for providing customers with ‘more options, better solutions’ for their Vending machines, Sanitary napkin vending machine (Automatic & Manual), Sanitary napkin incinerator, General waste incinerator and Control panel needs.,

  • Our Mission

    "Creating a clean world that makes difference in
    every life that dwells in it"

  • Our Vision

    "Better everyday, with clean environment and
    clean mind"

  • Our Quality

    Our success depends on our ability to supply
    world class quality and service.